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Player Info:
Name: Courtney
Timezone: EST
Contact: [ profile] nidorina would be ideal, or PM this journal!

Character Info:
Name: Tiki
Age: 3,000something

Key Points:

  • Tiki is born as the daughter of Naga, a Manakete so powerful as to be elevated to deity status, and princess of the Divine Dragon tribe. Her power is so great that Naga has her put in a deep slumber to keep humanity safe should she ever degenerate and accidentally take the entire continent with her.

  • A much older Manakete, Bantu, takes pity on her about a thousand years later, wakes her up, and takes her under his care. Eventually, they join Marth and his army.

  • After all this, Tiki is sent into slumber again and locked away in the ice dragon temple, where she's plagued by nightmares of turning feral until Marth arrives with an artifact that will allow her to live alongside humans safely.

  • Time passes and Tiki ends up in Valm when Archanea becomes Ylisse, and acts as an oracle for Naga who has, for all intents and purposes, died, but is remembered and revered as a deity.

  • Chrom and his army awaken Tiki to fight for their cause against the apocalyptic fell dragon, Grima, whom they eventually defeat. After a nice long nap, Tiki decides to live among humans once more.

The divine dragon Naga, who was at least one of Tiki's parents, felt nothing but love for humanity, which fueled the choice to send Tiki into an endless slumber in a temple guarded by Gotoh not long after her birth despite being Naga's own daughter. Born of a Manekete so powerful as to be hailed as a deity following their "death," Tiki possessed power so great that, were she to stay in her dragon form and degenerate into a wild beast, she would easily destroy the entire continent of Archanea.

At least a thousand years later, Bantu, a fire dragon who had took the advice of the divine dragons to stay in a human form to prevent his own degeneration, took pity on Tiki, woke her up, and took her into his care. For some time they stayed in the temple, but eventually he chose to bring her out into the world, where they traveled together until she was kidnapped by Gharnef. Aware of her power, he hypnotized her and had her guard the Fane of Raman. When Bantu, traveling alongside the hero-king Marth, finds her, they snap her out of her trance and she joins them for the remainder of the war. Gotoh intervenes when Bantu and Tiki begin traveling together in the war's aftermath and once again sends her into slumber in the Ice Temple, where she's plagued by nightmares of degenerating and attacking humans, until Marth returns three years later with an artifact that will keep Tiki stable. He promises to protect her as long as he lives, and after they've slain the dark dragon Medeus, she lives in his company for the rest of his life.

Eventually, Tiki ends up in Valentia, which is renamed Valm when Archanea becomes Ylisse. As Naga-worship becomes the continent's most dominant religion, Tiki becomes revered as Naga's oracle. When Walhart rises to power at least two thousand years later and conquers Valm as part of his empire, he imprisons Tiki, who's in the middle of a deep slumber, in her shrine until being rescued by Chrom and his army. Her words of support against Walhart unite the scattered resistance movement, but she doesn't join the army until performing a ritual to reawaken Naga's power within her after her rest. As part of Chrom's army, Tiki assists in defeating Walhart and, later, the Fell Dragon Grima.

For this section, delve into the history of events your characters have gone through and slightly into how it may have affected them. We are not looking for a detailed novel, but a summary to support the key points above. Aim for 300 words, though as long as it is under 500 words your app will be accepted. Essentially: Try to summarize the history like how a wiki page would summarize it. Being concise is key.

The trait which defines Tiki most is her loneliness. For her entire life, she's been separated from humanity by something: lengthy slumbers kept her from any level of interaction, and the friends she eventually made were but human and destined to die at the end of lifetimes short as blinks compared to her own; as the Voice of Naga, she's been exalted nearly to the status of a deity, and being an object of worship tends to preclude being just an ordinary friend. Her friendships are fleeting, and she frequently delves into wistful reminiscing over all of the people she's lost, but the time spent together is more than worth the sadness of missing them; "such short years make the centuries worth living."

Though she dislikes her role, she plays it well: serene and well-spoken, Tiki's emotions are subdued in their expression despite her talent at reading people and their true thoughts and intentions, making her somewhat of a suitably mysterious figure. With three thousand years of wisdom, Tiki provides exceptional advice without being preachy—rather, she articulates hidden or unrealized anxieties and feelings, and provides questions instead of answers, encouraging people to find their own paths.

Three thousand years of wisdom doesn't always equate to that much maturity: Tiki blows mocking raspberries at her guard, mistakenly uses the nickname "Mar-Mar" from her childhood for people who resemble Marth, stubbornly forces her way into child-sized clothing, and straight-up threatens to eat Anna. If people think less of her for it, Tiki doesn't care; her exalted status means little to her and she's happy to be treated as an equal, even if it means embarrassment.

That childish whimsy is fleeting, though. After millenia of forced sleep, wars, and deaths, it isn't easy for Tiki to be optimistic. Stars are symbols of loss to her until Nowi suggests that the souls of the dead becoming stars means they may as well have never left instead of being a reminder of death and failure; she remarks on the cyclical nature of humanity's despair and war and calls a fun harvest festival "man placating his gods only to selfishly curse them later;" and she had resigned herself entirely to a useless life as a divine hermit before being brought to the Shepherds.

Being around people and making friends again is what makes Tiki realize that she can still be useful and, more importantly, that she can still be happy. All Tiki wants and has ever wanted is companionship. Loss is not new to her, but love in all its forms is more than worth the pain.

Gem Considerations: Tell us what gem you have chosen for your character and explain why. Discuss what changes they may go through. I'm looking for an understanding of the system, setting and character! Also consider what sort of trajectory or character goal you have in mind.

Power considerations:
  • Pyrokinesis

  • ~

  • ~

Not being a Manakete anymore is going to be a lot for Tiki to get used to, and at least for a while, she's gonna be pretty conflicted about it! On one hand, the barrier that's always been between her and humans will have broken down, but she'll also have lost a major part of her identity; this is all she's known for three thousand years, after all. Gaining new powers is going to be a little different, for sure, but Tiki is used to being stupidly powerful and living among all sorts of magic, so she'll just need some time to figure out what she's doing.

Sample: Test drive thread


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